What Company Does

In today's environmental pollution concerns, climate change effects, this offering from Wardwizard Joy E-Bike helps in reducing the carbon footprint by zero emissions, helps in maintaining good health and fitness level.

We have few products already available with us, which are absolutely environment friendly like e-cycle, air purifier and out door air pollution controller. You may use this token to find discount while purchasing our goods or use our services.


Trading of Carbon Credits Globally.

Our project will promote Eco-friendly products and environment Savvy Technology on Blockchain platform.

The SET is a discount Token, which will be used for promoting sales of anti-pollution products and also to create ecosystem for Eco friendly business Entrepreneurs across the globe.


  • Eventually the value of SET will increase over time, which means the token growth will ultimately lead to your growth.
  • The SET platform will open a gateway for community who wants to save this world from pollution and global warming.
  • As a community member you can vote on different environmental projects and can also gather incentive token for future use.
  • User can use SET for financing other eco-friendly projects.
Total No. Of Tokens


Cost Of Token

0.90 $ USD

Promoter’s Share


Close Group Offering


Pre-tge Sale

6M TOKEN 15% Bonus

Tge Sale



”The SET Token was created to facilitate global environmental sustainability through innovative product introductions aimed at reducing the world’s carbon footprint and improving the health and fitness levels of everyone on the globe while demonstrating how blockchain technology can be instrumental in this quest through the use of multimedia channels for the betterment of society and generations to come”

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Our Team

The composition of our team is such that we have active support of domain experts from varied fields. Our team of global experts are –

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Yatin Gupte

Group Chairman

Mandar Bhalerao is specialist in organization development, strategic planning, training & development, recruitment, performance management.

Mandar Bhalerao


Ravindran has 20+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing channel sales, Business Development, Key Account Management, Advertising etc.

Ravindran Nambiar

Chief Executive Officer


Global platform/marketplace for buying and selling eco-friendly products.

Anyone can list their eco-friendly product to
sell to worldwide customers on our
SET platform.

Our platform is the best place for those who wants to invest in eco-friendly project.

Find investors who are interested in funding your eco-friendly product or project.

Any investor can register on our SET platform and choose any project for investing in from the list of different eco-friendly projects.

Our platform will serve as a Project Management Consultant for the businesses who wants to use our platform for their eco-friendly project.


Global Warming

Reduce Carbon

Build Sustainable


We want to save
the world for
future generation


We are planning to start a track in more than 22 countries across the globe. Which will be setup in near societies, public apartments, also in commercial and industrial hub zone. You can also rent our E-bike from the track If you want to.

  • Over the course of time SET platform will create its own network of exclusive stores where SET platform will setup many tracking path across the world.
  • Our Platform will also organize various training & guidance programmes for all age groups for promoting eco-friendly products.
  • SET Platform will also organize seminars and corporate training sessions and events, etc.